Festive Charity Fundraising!

We are looking to raise funds for two very special charities, Yorkshire Cat Rescue and Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. These two charities work extremely hard and their efforts are imperative and appreciated by many as without their love, compassion and commitment many animals would be suffering unnecessarily. The support and care these charities give means the world to so many so we would love to give heaps of support and care back! 

Yorkshire Cat Rescue - "Yorkshire Cat Rescue exists to save the lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire and beyond."

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary - "Caring for those who have no one"


Charity Raffle!

There are TWO DELUXE HAMPERS up for grabs! One is Cat specific and the other is Dog specific. Everything you can imagine your furry friend would love this Christmas is wrapped up and sealed with a bow just for them on Christmas morning! 

How to enter!

Raffle strips are £2 each

Dog Hamper - Make a £2 donation to Bleakholt

Cat Hamper - Make a £2 donation to Yorkshire Cat Rescue

How to Donate

To Donate Via Cash Box - There are Charity Collection boxes for both charities set up in reception, if you wish to donate in cash please show reception how much you would like to donate so they can give you the correct amount of strips, then place the donation in the relevant box and reception will give you your strips and write your details on the corresponding strip.

To donate via QR Code - Please scan the code and follow the instructions for your chosen charity. Please ensure you put 'Stanley House Vets' as the reference if donating via the QR code. Then once you have made a donation, please show reception the confirmation and they will give you your tickets and write your contact details on the corresponding strip.


Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary

Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary is one of the largest of its kind in North West England! It all started with a very kind lady Olive Lomas who saved a lucky donkey named Maudie from slaughter. From her hard work an commitment the project grew, saving more and more Horses, Donkeys, Cats, Dogs and small furries! They expanded in 1957 where they moved to Bleakholt Farm in the Pennine foothills and became a registered charity in 1969 and continued their lifesaving work to this day where they now find new homes for over 1300 animals per year! 


Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Over the years Yorkshire Cat Rescue has helped us with the rehoming and fostering of many Cats and Kittens ensuring they have loving homes and are taken good care of in between homes. Yorkshire Cat Rescue (Was Haworth Animal Welfare) was founded in 1992 by Sara Atkinson in response to the urgent local need to provide a safe haven for the many abandoned and neglected cats and kittens in the area and gained charity status in 1997! Haworth Cat Rescue changed its name to Yorkshire Cat Rescue in 2013 to reflect the increased area covered (approx 700 square miles). 

Memory Tree

Our Memory Tree

Our Memory Tree is situated at our Colne branch in the reception area and is a wonderful reminder of our beloved pets who have made the journey over the rainbow bridge this year. We hold them close to our hearts and hope they are looking down on us with happiness.

Christmas is a time of year where we reflect on all the memories we have created over the past year and remember why being thankful and kind is so important. This Christmas might look very different for some of us this year so we believe it is important to shine a light on all the joys in life and celebrate the happy times. 

To do this we would like to keep the memories alive by writing memories down on tags to hang on our memory tree or hanging a picture on our memory wall so the moments will forever be remembered. 

Your act of kindness could save a life!

As it is the time for giving and remembrance we kindly ask if you could make a charitable donation to either Yorkshire Cats Rescue or Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary when adding a memory to the tree or a photo to the wall All donations go to helping other animals in need who are in search of their forever home. We believe no animal should go without and all deserve love and care