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Online bookings are currently only available for companion animals.

If you have a companion animal emergency please phone 01282 863 892.

If you have a farm or equine emergency please phone 01282 868 748.

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Late Policy

We respect occasionally it is inevitable that clients will be late. However due to the amount of disruption it causes the vets, we would like to minimise clients arriving late for their appointments as much as we possibly can.

Please note clients who do arrive late depending on how late they are and other circumstances:

· May be able to wait until a vet is free but we can not put a time limit on this as our vets are generally fully booked.

· May not be seen and need to rebook their appointment.

· May mean you have less time with the vet to discuss your concerns.

We respectfully request:

· Clients aim to arrive at least 5 minutes before their appointment so our receptionist can get them booked in and check their details.

· Please consider the heavy traffic around our surgeries and give a little extra time to get through the traffic and find a parking space.

Please note:

· We do record when clients are late and repeated lates may lead to you being unable to book further appointments with Stanley House.

· Please consider our vets are normally fully booked. If you arrive late for an appointment, if we were to fit you in, it may mean other clients who were on time having to wait to see the vet.

· We do everything possible not to keep clients waiting though occasionally appointments can run a little late. It could be because of an emergency arriving which we do need to prioritise. If client have unexpected upsetting news this too can take longer for the vets to discuss / treat their pets.