Repeat Prescriptions

If your pet is receiving long term treatment you may be eligible for repeat prescriptions.

Most medicines that we dispense are ‘prescription only medications’ which means that they can only be prescribed by a veterinary surgeon following a clinical assessment of the animal that is under their care.

To ensure that we are compliant with this legal requirement it is normal we request to see your pet for a repeat prescription check every 6 months. This appointment ensures your pet is under our care and allows us to also assess, monitor and discuss any side-effects, dose adjustments or possible new treatment regimes. The exception to the 6-month rule is preventative parasite treatment which we are happy to dispense if we have examined your pet within the last 12 months.

How to Order

To order a repeat prescription for your pet please complete the request form.

We do ask that you allow 48 hours before collecting requested medication so we have the opportunity to assess if the medication is still appropriate, if a check up is required and also to allow us time to order the medication should we need to. A request that is made over the weekend will be available after 12pm the following Tuesday.