Flock Health Club

Stanley House Flock Club is a tailored plan accommodating all flock sizes, weather you are a fully established flock or just starting up we are here to help. 

Our aim: to provide our clients with a value for money package to benefit the health and welfare of the flock, help make on farm improvements and have regular contact with our clients.

With the ever-tightening profit margins of farming and increasing expenses, making small (or big) changes has a significant financial impact.  Discussing flock performance, new industry initiatives, areas of concern and day to day flock management can highlight areas of potential gain. 

For those who are just starting their flocks we can offer on farm training such as vaccinating/injecting, worming, tagging, castrating etc.  The plan is flexible to your needs.   

The welcoming visit will include a comprehensive MSD flock health checklist and report, giving us an overview of your flock, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement. 


The three hours of pre-booked consultancy time, are advisably eight weeks pre-tupping, eight weeks pre-lambing and post-weaning.


Pre-tupping can include tup MOT, covering the five T’s (teeth, toes, testicles, tone, treat).   

Ewe blood samples for minerals and fluke.  

We also off a 20% discount on tup testing and vasectomies.   


Pre-lambing can include ewe checks (body condition scoring and metabolic profiles), scanning date review and barren ewe investigations.


Post-weaning can include data reviews, updating health plans ect including red tractor paperwork, EU attestations or any routine work such as MV blood sampling. 

In addition, six WEC are also included and any post drench WEC that may be required.  Wormer resistance is an ever-increasing concern and it is essential that all farms have a worm control plan in place to reduce anthemics usage. 

Any abortion rates >2% in a flock is unacceptable, however, most go un-investigate and for this reason we also include three abortion sample collections, improving future flock fertility and lambing percentages.   


*all call outs (except the 3 booked visits), P&P and lab fees are additional cost.