Equine Services

Proudly serving Pendle, Burnley & Lancashire

Our team can assist with everything from vaccinations, dental work and microchipping to lameness investigations and discounted livery yard routine visit days, and you can trust that your horse, pony or donkey will receive the highest standards of care and access to high-standard equipment and facilities, and our fantastic team.


Routine visits

Our monthly routine visits are a great opportunity for us to carry out vaccinations, dental work, microchipping, lameness investigations and more at your yard. 


Dental care

We offer routine dental afternoon visits, where one of our team can assess your horse's teeth and advise you whether routine or advanced work is required.


Worming programmes

We can help you control and prevent all the major redworms and tapeworms, through regularly testing and prescribing treatment where necessary.


Travelling abroad

Travel advice, documentation and preparation to ensure you and your horse can compete abroad and travel safely and without difficulty.


Pre-purchase examinations

We offer pre-purchase vettings, standard two and five stage procedures, as well as extra tests if needed.



Essential vaccinations against equine tetanus, equine influenza and other significant diseases.


Official measurements

We use the Joint Measurement Board's system to conduct official measurements and inspections. Get in touch to book an appointment. 


If you would like support and guidance around saying goodbye to your horse, please get in touch.

Compassion Understood is a service which provides support for pet owners before, during and after a bereavement, to help you to reach the best decision and to cope with your pet’s passing. 

This service works with veterinary professionals and specialist pet loss experts to help make a difficult time more bearable. 

To find out more about Compassion Understood and how they can help you, visit their website or speak to a member of our team in practice.