Chickens, Goats and Pigs


Our team can provide treatment and control programmes to help keep your chickens happy, healthy and productive. 

We can treat disease and illness and chickens, and are involved in the treatment, control and prevention of diseases in larger commercial units, where the producer retails eggs to the public.

We can advise you on effective methods of control and treatment for diseases such as coccidiosis, infectious bronchitis, avian bronchitis, infectious laryngo-tracheitis and mycoplasmosis, as well as scaly leg, red mite infestations, bumble foot and parasitic worms.

Chickens may also develop highly contagious respiratory diseases that can spread rapidly through a flock, with a devastating effect on productivity and profitability.

It’s therefore important to monitor your chickens and let us know if you notice any changes, such as dullness, lack of appetite, ruffle feathers, “sleepy” eyes, diminished or no eggs laid, signs of anaemia or what this looks like or diarrhoea.