Keep it local, keep it affordable

 Your out of hours emergency care plan membership gives you peace of mind by providing affordable and accessible emergency care for your pets.

Keep it local, keep it affordable

 Your out of hours emergency care plan membership gives you peace of mind by providing affordable and accessible emergency care for your pets.

The provision of veterinary services has undergone significant changes in recent years.
One of the most significant is the increased use of out of hours emergency providers that cover the work of several practices after a clients own practice has closed.
We know from our own research and from what you our clients tell us that the provision of out of hours emergency care by a client’s own practice in familiar surroundings is still many people’s preferred option if they need emergency care for their pets.
We have provided this service through our own premises now for over 100 years and here we are outlining a plan to be able to continue.

Our difficulty is that it is becoming increasing difficult to employ people who are prepared to work both days and nights, weekdays and weekends, bank holidays and Christmas. It requires experienced vets with back up for complex cases along with trained and qualified veterinary nurses and a telephone answering service. The extra staff requires and all the necessary compensatory day time off also makes it an extremely expensive service to provide.

Currently the clients that access the service in emergencies are the only ones paying for it so as many of you will know the fees need to be much higher than during the day time.

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The service we are launching from 1st July is aimed at solving the two principal problems at once


Clients will have the option to subscribe to an out of hours plan for as little as £7.50 per month for a single pet.

Subscribers will not be charged surcharges for out of hours emergencies, only normal day fees will apply.

This means that:

A. Out of hours treatment will be much more affordable where emergencies occur late at night for instance.
B. The steady income will allow the practice to create a properly funded out of hours service, allowing us to plan for careers that can be made attractive to prospective professionals who appreciate the satisfaction of emergency critical care work.

The principal is that the out of hours service is there for your for peace of mind. We hope you won’t need it, but if you do, we know we can continue to staff and equip it to the highest standard.

For this scheme to be successful and to be sure we can continue to provide our traditional level of care we need your support.

Out of hours care will still be available in the normal way for those who do not wish to subscribe but the usual surcharges will apply.


How much does monthly membership cost?


Monthly Cost

Single pet household


Multi-pet household


How do I join?

Please note.
You’ll need to make your first month’s plan payment when joining online and you will need your bank account details so that we can set up your direct debit All new joiners are subject to a 14 day waiting period for plan benefits. Terms & Conditions apply.

Joining takes no more than 2 minutes, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet will receive affordable and accessible care should an emergency arise.

Please see our full Emergency Care Plan Terms of Service here