Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month


Give ❤️ to your vet nurse team!
This month highlights and spreads the word about the importance of the role of a veterinary nurse in a vet practice. Their tireless energy and dedication to both pets and their owners deserves some recognition

 we’d be lost without them!


If its your passion to become a veterinary nurse and would like to know how you can achieve that goal, please follow the link below!

Kira (Head Nurse)

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I began my career at Stanley House Vets in March 1999 as a trainee and In 2002 I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse. Since qualifying I have completed a Certificate in Veterinary Dentistry and in 2014 I completed a 2 year course gaining a Diploma of Higher Education in Clinical Veterinary Nursing (medical, surgical, anaesthesia).  

As well as being Head Nurse to an amazing team, I am also a clinical coach for student nurses, which involves mentoring and teaching of practical skills. My skills, knowledge and experience allows me to support students during the course of their training, guide them through their learning and inspire them to be professionals.  

Becky and Claudia did not get off to a great start to their training due to the Covid Pandemic. The first year of training for them should have seen them at Myerscough College once a week however like many people, learning from home became the new way for a while. With the challenges they faced they never gave up. And here we are now having just passed their final OSCE practical examinations, I could not be more proud of them.  

Congratulations Becky and Claudia 

Stanley House now has a new student, Olivia Hickman who has just started her Veterinary Nurse training journey this year. Olivia has made an excellent start at college and is already learning new skills. Students have to complete a skills log in practice gathering experience in areas such as medical and surgical nursing, laboratory, anaesthesia. Once students feel competent they are then assessed by me who will ensure they have the knowledge and skill to perform the skill competently in preparation for their examinations.   

I do thoroughly love my job and the difference that I make to Veterinary Nurse training however I am very fortunate to be part of an amazing team who all strive to deliver the best care to our patients and clients.  

Lucy (RVN)

Lucy Lancaster


I started working at Stanley House in 2017 as a Nurse Assistant, I was given the opportunity to study to be a Qualified Veterinary Nurse which I began in 2018, this involved one day a week attending college and the rest working full time In practice. The course entails exams, assignments, practical exams and a nursing progress log which uses the skills learnt on cases/scenarios in practice, all while being mentored by my clinical coach Kira.A few days to go before my final exams we went into lockdown, after months of revision my exam was cancelled!I had to do a totally different exam 9months later which involved case studies and a zoom examination which I passed and qualified in 2021!!Being a Veterinary Nurse is very rewarding and interesting, I love the on call side of the job, not knowing what the next call could be and dealing with emergencies.In oct 2021 I had the opportunity to become a night nurse which involves working with the on call Vet, triaging emergency calls,  assisting the Vet with emergencies, nursing hospitalised inpatients and monitoring emergency anaesthetics. I thoroughly enjoy this side of the job.In October 2022 I am furthering my knowledge with emergencies by studying for an Emergency and Critical Care Certificate which will help with the side of work I am now doing.I can’t thank Stanley House Vets enough for allowing me to progress into the career I love.

Becky (Recently Qualified RVN)

I started at Stanley House Vets in 2018 as an animal nursing assistant after completing a few weeks of work experience. I have always had a love and passion for animals and there’s no better place of work than a veterinary practice. Since then, I have watched nurses work hard to provide the best care for our patients. Almost immediately I knew that I was in the right place and in 2020 I was given the opportunity to become a student veterinary nurse and train at Stanley house vets.

I have now completed a 3-year course which involved: 3 written examinations, assignments, a professional discussion as well as a final practical examination (OSCE’s). During this time, I have completed a Nursing Progress Log (NPL) which allowed me to provide evidence on skills completed in practice to gain full competency. Once a week I attended college to enhance my knowledge as well as develop my surgical and practical skills. Unfortunately, my training was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic meaning that lessons were held online and we were unable to perform practical skills at college. Fortunately, I had the amazing support of my Head Nurse/ Clinical coach Kira throughout my training especially through the difficult times.

On passing my qualification I am now looking forward to progressing within the veterinary industry and gaining more knowledge and experience in the veterinary practice. I look forward to receiving my veterinary nursing registration in the summer and becoming a registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN).

Olivia (Student Veterinary Nurse)


I began working for Stanley House vets to complete a work placement requirement for the university course I was doing in 2019. I was then offered a position as a nursing assistant and with that, found my passion to become a veterinary nurse. With this role, I was able to show my dedication and interest and I was then given the opportunity to start Veterinary Nurse training in January 2022.

As part of my training, I attend Myerscough College one day a week. I also have tutorials with my clinical coach Kira each week as a check in and so she can make sure I’m doing okay with the work and answer any questions I may have. This is extremely helpful as the workload can be a lot to do between the college assignments, exams, training during work and time for revision. Kira and my colleagues are all so supportive and are always happy to help me. I have absolutely loved every moment of my nursing so far.

I hope to finish my studies in 2024 and become a registered veterinary nurse! I aspire to be as good of a nurse as my colleagues, especially Kira as I see her as a role model and it’s a pleasure to be taught by her. I can’t thank Stanley House enough for the opportunity and I look forward to the future!