Vaccinations and general healthcare

There are a number of infectious diseases that can affect your pet, many of which are potentially fatal. This is why we recommend vaccination. The recent MMR debate did undermined public confidence in vaccines in general, but the claims about vaccine safety have now been flawed. Many years ago infectious diseases killed thousands of pets each year. However, thanks to vaccines infectious diseases are much less common these days, although sporadic outbreaks of disease can still happen, as recent local press reports show.
An anti-vaccine group recently made claims that vaccination actually caused a higher incidence of illness in pets. The Animal Health Trust is a long established charity with many vets and scientists who are world leaders in their field. They recently conducted a survey involving almost 4000 dogs. There was no evidence vaccines lead to increased levels of illness. Vaccinated dogs were actually the healthiest.

Immunity from primary vaccinations as a puppy or kitten does not last for life. Booster vaccinations are necessary to maintain immunity and protect your pet. The annual booster is also an opportunity for a thorough health check, and an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet.

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