Equine Routine Visits

With many of our clients currently stabling their horses at livery yards, coupled with the current demanding economic situation, we realise how expensive keeping a horse can be. As well as costs such as stabling, bedding, feed and forage, other routine fees also have to be catered for, such as farriery and replacing equipment. And, of course, veterinary costs, both routine and unexpected, also have to be financed. Having considered all of these factors it seemed prudent to offer those people on some of our larger livery yards free journeys on certain dates each month. These are our Livery Yard Routine Visit Days.

Once per month one of our vets will arrive at selected livery yards at a specified time, with the aim of undertaking routine work such a vaccinations, dental work, micro-chipping etc. Other, more extensive work, such as lameness investigations, can also be carried out during these visits, though this must be agreed with the attending vet beforehand. All intended work must be booked in before the vet arrives to ensure that all necessary equipment is taken to each visit.

During these Routine Visits the journey charge is waived, making the cost of any work more affordable.

For further details please contact the Equine department on 01282 868748.

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