During the course of our work here in the Farm Animal department at Stanley House Vets, we are asked to deal with various problems and diseases affecting pigs – ranging from individual pet pets, such as Vietnamese Pot Bellied breed, through to quite large commercial units producing pigs for the pork and bacon market.

Pigs similar to other farm animals, suffer from a wide variety of illnesses and diseases including Erysipelas, Parvovirus infection, E. coli diarrhoea, Mycoplasma pneumonia and swine Dysentery. If these, and other diseases like them, become established in a pig unit the effects on production can be devastating.

Here at Stanley House we can provide our pig owning clients with advice on treatment, control and prevention of specific problems as well as overall bio security and husbandry issues. There are several vaccines available that can be utilised in the control of many of these diseases. We can advise on the various vaccination protocols and tailor a plan to suit your needs. We can also produce a whole Herd Health Programme designed specifically for your herd, in order to prevent disease entering your unit via purchased pigs or contaminated material, as well as how to treat and control diseases already present in the herd.

Please dont hesitate to contact the Farm Animal department on 01282 868748 if you feel we can be of any assistance to you.

**Please ring 01282 863892 for out of office hours emergencies**

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