Cat, Dog & Rabbit Health Plan

Our Health Care plan is a first-class preventative health care programme. A monthly direct debit allows you to spread the cost of routine health care for your pet. As a health care client you will also be eligible for discounts of between 10% and 20% on other products and services.

What's covered in our Health Care Plan:

  • Annual vaccination* with a vet consultation which includes a 10 Point Health Check
  • Year round flea and worm treatment** (Cat and Dog Health Plan only)
  • 6-monthly health check
  • Cats are neutered for free and dogs get a £50 discount
  • £99 routine dental scale & polish for cats and dogs
  • Pet Health Check Record Book
  • Initial vaccination* course
  • Internal parasite treatment (Rabbit Health Plan only)
  • Dental check
  • Nail clipping
  • Treatment planning
  • Dietary advice with nurse
  • Dietary advice with nurse
  • 20% off additional vaccinations
  • 20% off any other parasite treatments required
  • 20% off all in-house dental procedures
  • 20% off any other in-house surgical procedures
  • 20% off in-house blood tests
  • 20% off in-house urine analysis
  • 20% off consultations
  • 10% off routine neutering
  • 10% off microchipping
  • 10% off medications for your pet bought from the practice
  • 10% off all food and accessories bought from the practice

Excluding Kennel Cough** Excluding Lungworm

Equine Health Plan

Provided in association with ‘The Practice Business,’ the Stanley House Equine Department is proud to be able to offer a specially developed care plan to all of our clients. Designed to spread the cost of routine work, whilst at the same time offering a 5% discount for all other treatment, this scheme is an effective way of making veterinary fees more easily affordable in an unstable economic climate.

What's covered in our Health Care Plan:

  • Annual booster vaccinations* against influenza and tetanus.
  • Annual health checks and clinical examinations.
  • Annual dental checks, along with routine rasping if required.
  • A 12 month supply of wormers following our specially formulated 3 year worm control programme.
  • A 5% discount on all other services offered by the Equine Department.
  • Small monthly payments, rather than large ‘one off’ fees for routine and preventative healthcare.

*Vaccinations (as directed by your vet) include: Equilis Prequenza TE, Equilis Prequenza, Equilis TE.The plan does not include any journey/call-out fees. The call-out fee will be discounted by 5%.

For further information, or to join the equine health care plan, please either call the Equine department on 01282 868 748, or call the Practice Business on 0800 169 9958.

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What is the monthly cost?

Joining our Equine Care Plan will save you money while you continue to do the best for your horse through a package of essential care.

Take the financial uncertainty out of the routine veterinary care of your horse by paying a predictable set amount each month for essential preventative healthcare.

Monthly Payments:

Donkeys and small breeds (Up to 12.2hh) – £8.35

Horses and ponies (12.3hh to 16.2hh) – £9.89

Large breeds (16.3hh and over) – £12.09

There is a joining fee of £10 per owner (for life), plus a joining fee of £5 per horse. These fees will be collected with the first payment

There is a discount of 5% on your total monthly fee if you have more than one horse on a Care Plan. Plan ands prices are valid from 1st September 2011 until 31st March 2013.

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