Routine Dental Visits

Stanley House Vets Equine department is proud to offer all first opinion services at the highest possible standards. With this in mind we have included equine dental visit afternoons to our routine workload. The dental afternoons which take place every Tuesday aim to visit each area within our practice on a monthly or five weekly basis, covering all aspects of dental healthcare. The attending vet will assess your horse’s dentition, advising whether routine or more advanced dental work is required. No call out fee will be charged, and pricing will depend upon how much work has been undertaken. This will either be a standard fee – charged for routine dental checks and basic rasping – or a fee decided upon by the attending vet if more advanced work is needed. Sedatives and drug treatments will also be added if necessary.

These dental afternoons have proven very popular since their launch in 2007, and eliminating the journey fee has made the costing of these visits more than competitive when compared to the vast majority of equine dental technicians. Couple this with the availability of experienced veterinary surgeons to undertake your work, our access to sedative, antibiotic and painkilling drugs if required, and our ability to look at each and every condition from a ‘whole horse’ perspective, and it will quickly become clear that our equine department should be the first choice for your horse’s dental healthcare.

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