At Stanley House our dedicated farm vets are committed to providing an excellent service to our Beef and Dairy Farmers. We are willing to discuss any difficulties that may present, and attempt to resolve your clinical problems. In more recent years our work has increasingly covered herd management and finding ways to improve health and productivity.

We offer many services to achieve this including:

Routine Farm Visits

  • Monthly or twice monthly visits
  • No call out fees and competitive hourly rates
  • Routine fertility work and pregnancy testing
  • Mobile ultrasound scanners to facilitate proceedings
  • An opportunity to discuss other health problems on the farm
  • One off scanning sessions of beef herds

Herd health Planning and Development

  • Statutory health plans NDFAS
  • Health planning in conjunction with supermarket and the Livestock North West schemes
  • Private Farm Plans for further business development
  • Quarantine programmes for bought in stock to prevent introducing new diseases into/in to a herd

Routine Disease Monitoring and Prevention

  • Subsidised screening programmes on milk or blood samples to assess herd levels of diseases such as Leptospirosis, BVD and IBR
  • Liver fluke and worm egg counts
  • Johnes disease monitoring
  • Disease screening through the SaC Premium Cattle Health Scheme or VLA Herdsure


We offer a 24 hour emergency service from dedicated farm animal vets, covering such problems as difficult calvings, uterine prolapses and on farm casualty slaughter

Surgical Procedures

  • We are proficient in a number of common procedures including emergency or planned caesareans and the correction of displaced abomasums. We will also undertake more unusual abdominal catastrophe operations and calf umbilical hernia repairs
  • We also have all the equipment for castration and dehorning

Preventative Medicines, Vaccination Regimes and Parasite Control

  • Vaccination and disease control strategies can be tailored for individual farms for all major production diseases of adult cows and young stock
  • Advice on Bio-security to control the introduction or spread of disease

Milk Recording, Cell Counts and Mastitis

  • We are happy to work alongside your milk recording company, either NMR or CIS
  • Control measures for high bulk milk cell counts through milk bacterial culture and analysis of individual high cell count cows
  • Investigation of clinical mastitis outbreaks

Interherd and Herd Companion

  • Those of you that do milk record are aware of the volume of data produced and the time consuming task of interpreting the results
  • With your permission we can use Interherd and Herd Companion to monitor mastitis, cell counts and fertility on each farm
  • Individual problem cows can be highlighted as well as trends in monthly cell counts and fertility performance. This allows us to target the areas and cows that require attention to optimise production
  • Long term analysis of herd performance can identify problems and their causes, sometimes before they even become apparent in the herd

Lameness Investigation

  • Mobility scoring to determine the extent of a lameness problem
  • Analysis of lameness records to assess prevalence of lesions
  • Advice and treatment for all aspects of lameness
  • Foot trimming service using our own mobile crush
  • A range of foot bath treatments and advice on control of digital dermatitis

Farmer Meetings and Discussion Groups

  • Farmer meetings with guest speakers allows cattle owners access to expert advice
  • Smaller discussion groups to allow people to voice their own opinions and share experience with other farmers in the region

We believe in offering a quality service from experienced farm animal vets. We endeavour to keep up with the latest developments in farm animal medicine and implement these changes in our daily work.

Calf scour – causes and supportive fluids

Calves may scour (have diarrhoea) at any age and for a variety of reasons. Scour can be caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, nutritional issues and many other factors. The cause of scour cannot always be easily diagnosed for rapid accurate treatment. Please click on the link below to read more information on calf scour – causes and supportive fluids.


Calf scour – causes and supportive fluids

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